Election manifesto - all the lies they promised.

The Election Manifesto

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Election Manifesto

Have you heard about the latest Election Manifesto? Every time an election occurs, every Political party flooded our ears with lots of promises. Some of them get fulfilled, yet most of them are repeated in the next elections. But do we really need the promises that are made? Even if the promises fulfilled, do we really need them? Or our needs are different than the services offered?

We have seen many elections in last decade and have analyzed so many Manifestos for different parties. But our concern lies with some of the things with major concerns that are being avoided from almost every political party.

Major concerns like hunger, environment, health, droughts and others were missing in most of the manifestos. Even those who dare to mention these problems were mostly promising to provide more money to the affected and not the solution for the problems.

That’s been a trend in our Politics from many years as to cover-up for the problems instead of avoiding the cause for the problems. Solutions are not discussed in the parliament anymore but the pity and compensation instead. Accusations are made and answered but not the work to end it.

We are presenting an Election Manifesto in a hope for any party to read and include the solutions to theirs.


Our Election Manifesto

As an old saying, “Fill the stomach before starting to work”, we will ensure everyone to have food and that no person shall ever die out of hunger. Even if we need to repeat the Green revolution, we will. Our prime concern will be of increasing our food production and promoting agriculture in our country.

We will not wait for the commodity price to rise before importing any commodity.  A fair price, from farmers to the consumers, will be ensured. MSP will be strictly followed.

Now, to start the work, our first preference will be to bring good health to the people. To achieve that, we will do everything to uplift the quality of the air we breathe, water we drink and the place we live in. Projects will surely run to save our environment, our rivers & oceans and to manage waste materials. Trees will be planted and tax-rebate to all the electrical and solar products will be offered. E-waste and non-biodegradable waste management will be look after to ensure clean environment.

In aid to our health concerns, a promising part of budget will be provided to uplift the management and reach of our Medical facilities.

Our next motive is to fill all the vacant positions in Government postings to most of the deserving candidates. Exams will be conducted within two years to fill all the vacant places either be teachers, clerks, Judicial services or in any other government bodies. Our government will try to provide as much jobs as possible to nourish the dreams of our Youth.

We will also make several dams and tributaries to provide irrigation to the areas with a history of droughts. Our target is to provide water for irrigation to more than 90% of the drought affected areas during our first tenure.

We will also make examinations boards for all the major government jobs to be conducted at single level for qualifying round throughout the country and the next round to be conducted on state-level.

That’s not all

Our population might seem as our strength but this is also a major cause to many of our problems. Population control norms will be introduced and extra benefits will be aided to those who followed the norms. Two child policies will be framed keeping in mind the poor and middle-class families of our society.

To enhance the transportation system in our country, a committee will be formed for the random inspection of any road constructed under our government looking after the quality, maintenance and corruption in the projects. Our government will ensure to provide strong pavements to our growth and that a road should not be repaired again and again every second year.

All the villages in our country will be aided with internet to have at least one cyber cafe to provide ease to the e-governance. By the end our tenure, every village will have internet facility.

Food safety is also a major concern in our country. Hygienic and proper methods will be assured for selling food products throughout the country. No meat should be chopped and sold in open markets along the roadside.

A special allocation of budget will be funded every year to upgrade the technology and means of investigations for our local police.

We will take into account all the researches and ideas to preserve the natural habitats of our wildlife. Our government will try any possible way to protect our eco-system so as our wildlife animals and environment. 

Strict actions will be taken against crimes against women, children and for drugs use to ensure the freedom and safety of our society.

 We’re OPEN

Our government will always be open for suggestions and new ideas. The problems or ideas not covered in our Election Manifesto are not out of our vision. Our election manifesto is a brief vision of our intentions while the services will be much greater. We also welcome our Critics in the media like NDTV to aware us about the uncovered problems of the nation and our mistakes.



This is the manifesto that I want to read before voting to any of the political party.



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