Modi sarkar and Optimism

Modi Sarkar & Optimism

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Modi sarkar is blessed with blind optimism of its followers.


Crisp Wire : Optimism with Modi Sarkar

Ever since we start hearing about Mr. Narendra Modi competing from the grounds of Gujarat to the National Politics, for the biggest position in Indian Democracy, we also sense an unconditional optimism for Modi Sarkar

Starting of Optimism & Modi Sarkar

Firstly, when I heard about Modi, it was presented in front of me as the only remaining option to save myself. Also, more than the thorough explanation of his work in Gujarat, Congress was accused of many crimes and cast responsible for all the problems in India.

I was not sold to the first bargain for sure, but as the time passes, I started seeing people blindly following the name. Most of them were not to listen a word of questions for Modi. In response, they told me to ask questions to Congress who was running the country for many years. 

The argument look feasible to me and, though I was not in favor of voting for Modi ji, I thought that giving a chance to someone new isn’t wrong either. But I always prefer to know a person before voting in his favor.

Well, as not much expected, people of India gives a full mandate to Modi ji and he took an oath for Prime Minister. A new government was formed – “Modi Sarkar“.

Pity on Politics & Leaders

As the public gives mandate to the huge promises of Modi Sarkar, their expectations were much peaked up and questions started raising soon after the government formed. Instead of answering the questions government started giving excuse of all the problems from the last government. 

Blind Optimism

Not to mention, all the followers were backing up Modi, that he doesn’t has the Magic Wand to erase all the problems in a day and it was portrayed that it is all a disaster of last 60 years that cannot be rectified in a short period of time. 

That was was the second time of people being blind optimistic for Modi Sarkar. Though, government was a proven failure at some stages, people were still backing up hoping for the Good Days to come. The times keep passing but the hopes were still rising. People just rejected to accept even a single failure of the government.

Optimism Brings It Back

The trend has surely being down with the time but not as much as expected. Modi ji again formed a government after 5 years and many of us are still have faith in the government. 

Whenever an outcome from a government action was not as promised or proven wrong, people still start covering up and even blaming those who are questioning to have a lack of vision as Modi has for our country’s future.

Many of the fruitful minds were scolded, argued, defaced and even beaten along the journey of seven years of Modi Sarkar. The questions are still unanswered and those who asked were labelled as the enemy of the state.

Covid-19 Vs Modi Sarkar

When the Covid-19 (corona) virus outburst in the world, people believed that Modi ji will take some good actions to prevent our country from the disaster. Initially, the statistics also shows that cases in India were quiet less than many of the countries in the world. But as the time passes, other nations started to get control over the spread and in India, the numbers were just hitting to the ceilings. 

Very soon the precautionary actions suggested by government seems fading just like the promises they made. Corona cases have crossed 5 Million and yet rising. Government still seems less caring about the lives of their people. But the Optimism has yet not ended. 

People are still trying to cover-up by saying the situation would have been worse if there’s someone else but Modi. Years have passed, yet people don’t want t ask questions. Some of them are afraid, while others just don’t want to question themselves. They are still not ready to accept that their faith was not fulfilled.

‘Sarkar’ & Nation

The mind needs to be clear of the difference between the government and Nation. Doubting or questioning government or Modi himself is not about doubting your Country. India and Modi Sarkar are two separate entities and will always be. A good nation can have a bad government and we need to accept that fact.

Questioning is a pillar that strengthens Democracy and much needed in today’s scenario. Blindly following to anyone mostly gives unworthy results. We are free to ask questions to our God, then why not to our government and those who are running it. Strong nations are not just build by smart Leaders but also by the Smart people in it.

Optimism is good, but being so optimistic as to ignore the mistakes in front of your eyes is the Big Mistake you are being part of. Trusting someone to lead the way is good but blindly following him to wherever he take is definitely a bad choice. 

What we need & what we want?

No country deserves a Leader who is afraid of answering questions, who doesn’t want reviews on his actions, who always try to manipulate people on emotional grounds. Yes, we do like a good orator but a good performer is better indeed.

We may have hold his flag in past years, shouting his name, we may have argued a thousands over his qualities, we may have asked others to support him, but if he is not delivering as promised, no shame should we feel in changing our own decisions. After all, our country matters more than any of its beloved son.

Wake Up Call

We all need to rise up and ask government about any decision that looks unfavorable to any of us, be it about Covid-19, Demonetization, Lockdown, Inflation, farmer suicides or any other concern. Our questions can awake their senses and work more precisely. We are not the progeny of a king but the people who can make anyone a king and yet he has to be answerable to us. Hope everyone realized it soon enough to ask Modi and Modi Sarkar. Let that Optimism do not cover our eyes.


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