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Pilot Vs Gehlot – Congress on Edge

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pilot vs gehlot


Pilot Vs Gehlot

A few days back we all heard about the controversies inside of Indian National Congress in Rajasthan Sector. An un-ending argument between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the young Deputy Chief Minister and President of the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee, Sachin Pilot is still going on. Both are on holding their ground and the controversy is picking up a lot of popularity among TRP-Hunter Media.
The dispute started on 10th July when the Rajasthan Police Special Task Force(SOG) registered a case for horse-trading and destabilizing the elected government of the state. It happened that before the Rajya Sabha elections in Rajasthan, Congress had accused some MLAs of luring them. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the state legislators are being lured and millions of rupees in cash are being transferred to Jaipur. A notice regarding the same was sent to Sachin Pilot and some other MLA’s. On 11th of July Pilot distances himself from Gehlot and move to Delhi with his 24 supporting MLAs. Pilot, for sure, was unhappy with the notice and the ignorant behavior from Gehlot over time. Being accused of destabilizing the government, Pilot pulls his hand from the state government and Pilot vs Gehlot Begins.

Supreme’s Sleeping – Party’s Weeping

The High Command of Indian National Congress was not awakened until the dispute becomes the Headlines of the prominent Media Houses. Finally, on 12th July, High Command decides to send Randeep Surjewala and Ajay Maken to Jaipur to stop the discord of the Party. Congress issued a whip to attend the meeting of Ministers and MLAs. Both the groups, Pilot and Gehlot, were making different claims regarding the whip. Meanwhile, Jyotiraditya Scindia, who recently joined BJP leaving Congress in Madhya Pradesh, express his grief on Sachin Pilot’s ignorance in Rajasthan Government and announced to talk to him. This intensified the speculation of Pilot joining BJP following his friend Scindia.
Gehlot was not going to let the power go off his hands so easily. He called in a meeting on 13th July at his residence, in which 107 MLAs reached. Gehlot showed his power and send a clear message to the Pilot’s Group. Congress was blaming BJP for the dispute and conspiracy for toppling the elected government. Then, Priyanka Gandhi called Sachin Pilot and talked to him and tried to convince and clear the dispute. At the same time, many senior leaders of BJP in Rajasthan seems inviting Pilot indirectly to join them.
Union Minister Gajendra Shekhawat said, “Any Any leader with a large support base is welcome to join any political party. If someone joins us by believing in our ideology, we will welcome it with open arms.” Pilot, however, never respond to any of these statements publicly.

Pilot vs gehlot – Pilot Dismissed

After all the efforts to convince Pilot were failed, Congress took disciplinary actions against two ministers including Sachin Pilot. Pilot was removed from the position of Deputy Chief Minister and the State Congress President as well. Along with him, Food Minister Ramesh Meena and Tourism Minister Vishvendra Singh were also removed from their respective posts.
The command for the State Congress was handed over to Minister of State for Education Govind Singh Dotasara. Rahul Gandhi, former President of Indian National Congress, took a tough stand and said that there is no need to fear those who leave the party. He puts a strong remark on the leaders leaving the party.

What’s Next Move

Now, when everyone’s eyes were fixed on the next step of Pilot, he made it clear that he will not join BJP. He cleared all the rumors in the country and said that he has worked so hard to bring back Congress in Rajasthan and won’t join BJP. Soon after his dismissal from Deputy CM post, a number of resignations came through from the student wing of Congress – NSUI along with NSUI state president Abhimanyu Punia.
Finally, the matter was taken to the Court of Law to clear the dispute. Gehlot called for a Session in Parliament while the Governor of the state puts a hold to it. Governor asked Gehlot to avoid any session of Parliament while the Covid-19 situation. However, Gehlot, in response, asked to call session to propose further strategies to fight Covid-19 situation. Gehlot also asked Governor for the Floor Test to prove its majority and avoid any hassle from the Pilot group or the opposition, however, BJP is criticizing this act as a response to the fear of losing power from Gehlot’s hands. Congress is still blaming BJP for interfering the efficient working of Rajasthan Government by influencing Governor’s decision.
Despite all the disputes coming up, Congress is not in a good condition to face such controversies and lose influencing and hard-working leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot. Congress is still on the edge and can’t take further cracks to its foundation. Congress needs to show unity to fight against BJP and controversies like this will further harm the image of Congress in the eyes of Public.

The Final Settlement

After long episodes of mellow drama, blame-game and red eyed arguments, Pilot vs Gehlot has ended. Sachin Pilot is back in government support. But now is the big question rises. What are the uncovered settlement terms that has been offered to both of them. Will there be another chaos to witness in the next state elections? Or will the power be centralized and the congress party will emerged as a better organised party in Rajasthan?
Pilot vs Gehlot – is it really ended or just a small break till the next elections?

No matter what, Crisp Wire will always bring the correct perspective and reports for you.


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