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Encounter Of Vikas Dubey – Right or Wrong?

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Encounter of vikas dubey


Who was Vikas Dubey?

Vikas Dubey, born in 1964, was an Indian history-sheeter and gangster who later became a politician. Based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, he registered his name in the criminal records in the early ’90s and by 2020, more than 60 cases were filed against him.
Dubey entered the local politics on the basis of power and climb several steps from Gram Pradhan to state-level politics. He always had preservation from the different state governments over these years. But finally, he died as a criminal in the police encounter on the 10th of July,2020.
Vikas Dubey, before his death, was charged with many murder and attempt to murder cases. He was charged under the National Security Act, Arms Act, as well as UP’s Gangster Act.

Police Encounter of Dubey

After the killing of 8 policemen on 3rd of July, Dubey was missing for several days. Police were conducting searches and raids over the associates of Dubey for a week and some killings in encounters were also reported. Hiding from the police and afraid of being killed, Dubey somehow escaped to Madhya Pradesh. He finally went to Ujjain Temple on 9th of July and started shouting in the crowd that my name is Vikas Dubey, I am from Kanpur, I surrender, I surrender.
After he was arrested by MP police, next day he was handed over to UP police, who was bringing him to Kanpur in a three-vehicle Police convoy. As per the police report, the car carrying Vikas Dubey skidded and toppled as an accident on a rain-drenched highway just about 22kms from Kanpur, following which Dubey finds an opportunity to run away. He snatched a gun from an STF commando and open fire on the Police before running. Four members of the 18-Strong UP Police team were injured by him before he was brought down with three shots in the chest and one in the arm.

Suspicion on Encounter

Though the government and Police are praising themselves to kill a well-known criminal, there are many questions that arise over the whole Encounter and surrender process. Initially, it was reported that the complete transit papers were not provided while Dubey was transferred to UP Police from MP Police. But, that can surely be overlooked in cases like transfers of a high profile criminal. Formalities can be completed lately for such a most wanted history-sheeter criminal.
After the hand-over of Dubey to UP Police, Media was following the convoy whole night. But suddenly, media vehicles were stopped after 06:00 in the morning by the police barricades, and minutes after that, the vehicle carrying Dubey was reported in an accident. That means when the car slipped and toppled on the highway and the encounter took place, no one was there on the highway. Media vehicles were following the convoy whole night and they were forced to stop minutes before the encounter.
Also, it was reported in Encounter report that Dubey ran for a kilometre before finally, STF commandos shot him down, however, Dubey was implanted with a metal rod in his leg due to some major injury and he was not in a good condition to run.

Was Vikas Dubey Important

There are many suspicions over the whole encounter. Dubey was a Criminal but he salways had good political connections and he could have reported many reputed political names. If interrogated, he could bring many personalities to the court. The questions arise over his body are – Was this encounter fake? Was it framed to save many others sitting in the government? Were the commandos ordered to bring him dead and not alive? Why would Dubey run while he himself surrendered a day before?
We might be happy over the death of a most wanted criminal Dubey. But yet we don’t know who made him that much powerful. He is dead now, but the persons who created him are still alive. And they might be shaping someone else in his place to do their dirty work.
We must understand the fact that Crime doesn’t end with the Criminal. Our motto must be killing the reasons for crime and not just criminals. We are not reporting with our backs lying over the wall of Human Rights, but killing criminals can only create fear among them. And fear vanished, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but someday fear ends.
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