Do we understand Private Schools

Do We Understand Private Schools?

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Private Schools

Troubles of Private Schools

According to recent reports presented by HRD Minister in Parliament, about one third of students in India are studying from private schools or public schools. Though some of them are really costly and un-affordable to a middle or poor class family but all of them are tagged as blood sucking institutions by most of the people in our society.

But, are all of them charging too much? Are they all making millions of profits? Is really running a school system is that cheap and easy? Well, I think we need to understand their opinion also and the truth behind the doors of these so-called blood sucking societies.

Private schools

There are nearly 400,000 unaided private schools, with almost 80 million students enrolled in India. A majority of these private schools are low-cost and affordable. These are the schools that uphold the reputation of better teaching aids & quality of education.

But they are not just the symbol of better education but costly education also. Some of the big brands are charging a fee that is out of the pocket of middle and poor class families that contributes more than 90% of population in India. But all the private schools, either low cost or big shots, are bearing the havoc.

Lockdown Effect on School Economy

The Private schools of India during the lockdown are facing some big problems. The complete lockdown was announced to begin from 25th march due to spread of covid-19 and increasing covid cases. Thus, every industry is facing huge crisis since then.

Many of the bigger industries of the cities were reported closing down and also wages were not provided to many workers. People from every sector were harshly affected and thus, were unable to spend an extra penny on things other than basic necessities and essential services.

In this chaos, when no-one was willing to move out, most of the schools started online classes for the students to keep continuing their studies. But still, after three months of online studies, when some of the schools asked for the school fee, they were neglected and sometimes de-characterized from the angry but scared parents.

Tug Of War and Rumors

The situation was deteriorating everyday because the schools didn’t have money to pay salary to the teachers and other staff and parents were not ready to pay the fees. Both were pulling the different corners of the rope while the government was enjoying in the middle.

Many of the rumors come into the society about government waving off three months fee for all private school students. But these were like one of the other rumors of the lockdown. It was like ‘government will provide transportation to everyone who want to go back home during lockdown’. The parents were stressed and so were the school administrations.

Ground Zero Report

We talk to one of the budget school administration in Delhi-NCR about the situation. The management reported to be in a very problematic situation.

Due to the lockdown, only 10 to 15 percent of the fee was recovered from March to June, the director said. He told us about the services they are providing. They provide online studies, mobile application and interaction with the students etc. All that only in a fee of less than 1500/- per month. Now they are having problems in paying salary to the teachers.

He also mentioned out how they have to pay buses and other loan installments from their own savings. Some of the teachers have also resigned for not receiving salary for the last month. They were expecting some relief packages from the government but nothing was delivered till date.

The rumors of waving off fee were also creating problems in many places. Mostly in rural areas, the rumors forwarding on ‘whatsapp’. It created a belief among the people that they don’t need to pay the fee for the lockdown period. As a result, many of the schools haven’t received even five percent of the fees in last three months.

Ignorance of Government

It’s been more than three months and the government still seems un-interested to solve the conflict between the parents and the school administrations. We all know that teachers have worked even harder during this lockdown to maintain the pace in the studies of our children, but we also accept that some of us are not able to pay the fee right now.

So, for now at least the government should clear all the rumors and, if possible, provide some relief packages to the un-aided schools.

We all say that education is the best weapon to fight in the modern warfare, the only road to development of a nation and the backbone of a strong society. But are we doing enough for it. Let’s not say the sayings, let’s make them come true.

No matter what, Crisp Wire will always bring the correct perspective and reports for you.

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