Identify Toxic Friends

5 ways to identify toxic friends!

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Friends are life, aren’t they? But there are always some friend whom you love and you hate them at the same time. Every friend has a unique quality in himself/herself and a unique habit which irritates you to the top. But be careful with the Toxic friends. Well, let’s identify them:

Toxic Friends
  1. The one, who is always negative: Whatever your business plan or idea is, they’ll always find it negative. They even share the news which is quite depressing and negative in nature. They fill you with negativity and stress in such a quantity which pushes to believe your life is nothing but hell. Even if you can’t get rid of them, try to avoid their company as much as possible.
  2. Always asking for money: There is always someone who is always asking for money and never returns. The worst part of them is, they are always in need of money and that too for wrong things like betting, alcohol or drugs. JUST GET RID OF THEM!
  3. Back stabbers: These are the ones who always appreciate you in your presence and spread rumors behind your back. You never know which rumor or wrong statement against you will take away your goodwill and respect. Never talk about any other person in front of them. Infact, try not to place any opinion in front of them, even if they insist.
  4. The one who hides: You being a friend always share each part of your life, including your investment plans or your crush. Stop sharing much with them even if you have to stay quite in their company. That said, you never know who is hiding what. Therefore, if you really want to help anyone, please do share, as that’s the only way the other guy might share something which really needs your help or opinion. In this category, you have to judge by spending time with one.
  5. Never take a stand: The ones who never helps, who never cares and who never bother what situation you are going through, but bully at first. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Please be aware about those who never really cares about you, they are not your friends in real. They bully you in public, they are the ones who need audience to laugh on you or your feelings. On the other hand, you must also realize that friends do make your joke. Therefore, never stop the ones who may crack joke or embarrass you in public, but are helpful and takes stand with you.

Although, there are a few, but it’s always a friend who supports you in your hard times. They don’t only teach you but always encourage you to take another step when you think you can’t. They might bully you but are always ready to do anything for you. Keep making friends and learn from each one of them. Even the toxic ones teaches you a lot.

You must realize that true friends can only be earned, judge them with these 5 toxic scenarios, but when you are done, never judge them. Help them, love them and keep on making friends.


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